Open to all members of the general public Angel Speakers offer you the opportunity to develop your speaking, presentation and leadership skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. Learning the components of these skills is an exciting journey during which you meet great people and grow your confidence in your own abilities. You will also have fun.

The club meets in the first floor room in the Island Queen, Islington which is a wonderful pub and great location. Ideally suited to helping club members and guests to meet, listen and talk to each other, to find ‘your own voice’. This is the start of the journey to be able to clearly put your own thoughts into order and opinions into words.

Watch the video below to see learn more about a meeting at Angel Speakers.

All our members first came along as a guest including myself and I can promise a warm welcome from our members.  The best way to experience what Toastmasters is all about is to come along to a meeting as a guest on 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, it does not cost anything but your time and you can come along to our club meetings as often as you like.

Angel Speakers ‘Chartered’ in April 2011 as a club affiliated to Toastmasters International which is present now in over 116 countries with an active membership of 300,000, from Mexico to China to the Netherlands, in total numbering over 13,000 clubs. Locally there is our  sister club ‘London Communicators’ who meet on alternate Mondays (2nd & 4th) in Islington also there are now over 45+ other clubs in the London area. All clubs follow an established personal development path created by Ralph C Smedley and refined over the following 93 years by Toastmasters International.

Should you be interested in joining our club and I hope you are. This website provides a explanation of what Toastmasters is about and guide to the process. When you come along to a meeting any of the members will be delighted to answer any questions you have.

Never put off positive experiences,  I look forward to meeting you,

Tomas Pohnetal

President 2017/18

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